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Some XUL elements don't respect preventDefault()


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Steps to reproduce problem:
1. Open about:config
2. Enter a filter
3. Tab to the Show All button
4. Press F10
5. Press Space or Enter

Actual results: quick search is cleared

Expected result: quick search is not cleared
Actually, that applies to most of our XBL bindings too, although
event.stopPropagation() can be used on them instead.
I grepped for frames that implemented HandleEvent and I noticed that most of
the HTML ones checked *aStatus while most of the XUL ones did not. I'm guessing
here that we should check *aStatus here and remove all the individual checks.
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Preliminary patch

I'm not against this change, but this can make it harder to write some event
code in the future if you want to write a handler in frame code that needs to
be notified even if the default was prevented (and do something less than the
default etc). r=jst, but I wouldn't be against flipping this around and simply
fixing the XUL frame code and leaving this place in the code alone.
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Preliminary patch

I think I'd rather see the frame HandleEvent implementations fixed.  It's more consistent with the way preventDefault works in the DOM (it doesn't stop propagation).
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OK, so let's do it separately in each frame; I copied nsRootBoxFrame for this.
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