Regressions: searching/filtering works worse in 20051005 than it did in 2005011112



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12 years ago
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(Reporter: Fred, Assigned: Mostafa Hosseini)





12 years ago
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This bug documents some search functionality that has broken in recent nightlies.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
Text filtering doesn't match correctly when you use upper case search keyword(s):
1. Suppose I have several events with the string "STS" in the title.
2. a) Search for "STS".
Actual Result: No results!
2. b) Searching for "sts" 
Actual Result: Returns the expected results listing all events with "STS" in the
Expected result: Step 2 a) and b) should return the same results.

Double clicking on a search result when filtering with a text string doesn't
open the correct event:
1. Perform a search with a text string filter
2. Click on one of the search results or double-click to open.
Actual Result: The wrong event is selected in the calendar or the wrong event is
Exception: If the events in the text-filtered list are in the same position in
the list as the original un-filtered list, then the correct event is opened.
(This tells me the list index is used as an index into a list of events, but
that is not sufficient when there are gaps between events in the result list
because of the filter)
Expected result: The correct event should always be selected in the calendar or

Calendar-Search result interaction is broken when text filtering is active.
1. Perform a search that returns some results.
2. Click on an event that was not returned by your search result.
Actual result: Result list is cleared, search seems to be non-functional unless
I enter a search that matches the selected event
Expected result: No events are selected in the search results, but the results
are not altered in any other way -- the search criteria has not changed.

Actual Results:  
(see above)

Expected Results:  
(See above)

(Note: These pieces of functionality worked in build 2005011112 and are broken
in 20051005.)

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12 years ago
Bugzilla bugwriting guidelines state that multiple issues should not be
addressed in a single bug.  These problems will not be solved by the same patch,
so they should not be in the same bug.  Please re-file.
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