Open Bug 311632 Opened 15 years ago Updated 1 year ago

Get LDAP change log replication working again.


(MailNews Core :: Address Book, defect)

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The patch I'm just about to add to bug 231965 will change our ldap replication
method from change log, to download all.

The main reason for this being is that the current change log implementation
prompts repeatedly for username/password, although its not clear what these
should be, and no combination seems to work.
Depends on: 231965
Depends on: 316170
Product: Core → MailNews Core
Blocks: tb-logging
No longer blocks: tb-logging
Severity: major → normal
No longer depends on: 231965
Regressions: 231965

Maybe it's time to remove the old LDAP change log code? It's been excluded from the build for 13 years or so.

# XXX These files are not being built as they don't work. Bug 311632 should
    # fix them.
    # nsAbLDAPChangeLogQuery.cpp
    # nsAbLDAPChangeLogData.cpp

There's definitely a little bitrot there. I spent ages trying to figure out how on earth their SearchExt() calls were compiling with the wrong arguments, before I realised that they weren't! It'd be nice to avoid further confusion...

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