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Please add a Enable/Disable All Mail Filters button to the dialog


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I currently run Thunderbird using a IMAP mail server, works fine, except when I
reach my mail quota.  I normally have to turn off the filters because when the
quota limit is reached, I can only receive mail into the Inbox folder where I
can remove mail and bring my mailbox under control.  

The reason I ask for this feature to be added to the Mail Filter dialog, after
clicking 60+ filters off to allow the mail to come into the inbox, then once the
quota issue is resolved, I have to manually click all 60+ on. 

There is a scrolling issue with the listbox when there are a large amount of
filters, when you click on a filter at the bottom of the list, if its a
non-viewable region, the scroll bar is set to the top position, making it even
more annoying when you have to scroll to the bottom of the list, click on or
off, rescroll for each remaining filter that is not in the main top view. 

Maybe this can be added as a feature - if quota is reached disable all filtering
, send a prompt to confirm or cancel, this will allow the mail to go into the
inbox.  During this temporary disabled period - have it check if quota is still
disabled, if not - reenable the filtering system.

Maybe there can be two levels here:
1) disable/enable message filtering (leaves enabled or disabled filters in tact)
2) disable/enable all filters on the dialog window (quick way to turn all on/off)

Thanks for concidering.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Add a lot of filters, enough to have it make the scrollbar visible
2. scroll to bottom of list, enable or diable a filter

Actual Results:  
The list is repositioned to the top filter.

Expected Results:  
The list should not reposition, 
the recently enabled/disabled filter should become the active item
and remain in focus in view. 
OR - bring the next item in the list into view
Assignee: mscott → nobody
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Platform: Sparc Solari 10

Tested on Java Desktop System.

Can confirm this observation still exists.

I have a couple hundred message filters, and the focus problem is quite annoying.
What about Thunderbird 7 or 8?
I do not see the focus problem in TB 7. After unchecking a filter the focus stays there and I can uncheck the next one (below or above).
Whiteboard: [CLOSEME-2011/12/01]
Whiteboard: [CLOSEME-2011/12/01] → [CLOSEME 2011-12-01]
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