switch ICS exporter to use serializeToICSStream



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13 years ago
11 years ago


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13 years ago
serializeToICSStream was added in bug 312381 for performance.  We need to
somehow make it so that both the ICS provider and the ICS exporter can leverage
that code to avoid unnecessary copies, conversions, and XPConnect traversals. 
This could involve using a pipe, a storage stream, or refactoring of
serializeToICSStream, depending on what constraints we want to accept.
Unfortunately, I do not have cycles to work on Calendar stuff these days (just as it's getting to the good part!), so I am a bad owner for these bugs.  To delete the tragically-large chunk of bugspam, search for gregorianabdication.
Assignee: shaver → nobody
Isn't this already fixed by Bug 364841?

Comment 3

11 years ago
IMO only for calICSCalendar. calIcsSerializer.serializeToStream (used by calICsImportExport) still serializes into string, then builds up an output stream.
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