Check if the group resctriction combination is redundant by group inheritance




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When restrict a bug to groups if the select combination contains groups with
inheritance show an error to select only one of them.

For example if members of group A are member of group B by inheritance
the group select A + B is redundant.

Reproducible: Always

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13 years ago
Not sure I have understood what the problem is.

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13 years ago
Well, let me explain better:

I have a product with 3 groups:


-Developers - wich is member of Customers by inheritance

-Security - wich is member of Customers and Developers the same way

When i edit a bug in this product i'm able to restrict him to a combination of
those groups in all possible ways, but some of my choices are redundant.

For example in this case 4 options are not redundant:

Only Customers - wich grant access to the members of all the 3 groups

Only Developers - wich grant access to the members of Developers and Security

Only Securitys - wich restrict the bug to securitys people 

And None Group - wich turn the bug Public

Today members are able to make a combination like 

Customers - Developers - Security
Customers - Developer

The both are redundant cause by inheritance select to restrict only to Customers 
cause the same result.

The Same happen with the combination:

Developers - Security

I'm doing a sub that, given product groups and 2 groups of the selected
combination, return if the choose is redundant by inheritance and instead of
process the bug force the user to chose only one of those groups.

I believe this clearly the way to restrict bugs to groups that have inheritance...  

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13 years ago
Created attachment 200105 [details] [diff] [review]

That's what i'm talking about... :\

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13 years ago
The checks are useful.  There may be a debate about how to use them.
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