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when there are no bugs i reported in my bugs it is reading as "Zarro Boogs".


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when i click on saved searches in the respective use accounts and click on Run it is showing as "Zarro Boogs" if there are no bugs in My Bugs list.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Go to saved searches in the respective user accounts ""
2.Click on run in saved searches.

Actual Results:  
it is showing "Zarro Boogs" instead of zero bugs if there are are saved searches in personal account.

Expected Results:  
it should have "Zero Bugs" instead of Zarro Boogs
The "zarro boogs" message is a joke, not a bug. The idea is that no software is truly bug free, so there's always a bug somewhere even if it doesn't show up in a query. 

Please do not report non-security bugs as security-sensitive. It causes emails to be sent out to much of the team and wastes time. This bug has no security implications => making public. 

Group: webtools-security
Closed: 17 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
I should add that if this is your own Bugzilla installation and you would like to change this text, you can edit the appropriate template file however you see fit. 
I think this is not a trivial issues, and that it should be changed, especially because that would be so quick and easy to do. This issue affects 2 types of users: those for whom English is not a native language, and new users, especially non-techies. The more difficult/confusing Bugzilla is to use, the less it will be used. We want to decrease barriers to involvement with Mozilla projects. Get rid of this in-joke.
Come on, please fix this!

I just looked at the Firefox 4 beta roadmap which refers to the last blocker bugs for betaN ( and that search says "Zarro Boogs found."

In such a high-profile product the response to a bugzilla query should be less snarky.
Yes, childish and annoying, and a great example of issue that makes a product harder for non-native speakers or people with language difficulties, but the authors think it amusing so it stays.
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Flags: needinfo?(default-qa)
This joke, and this wontfix, is wrong for so many reasons:
- the joke is not funny and hardly understandable if you don't find this ticket
- when you search something you expect to find something. So it's already frustrating to get no results. When the search engine makes a joke of that, it's even more frustrating
- it requires additional cognitive workload for non-native English speakers to understand the message. And when you realize it's a non-funny joke, you're angry to have spent some time to understand it
- it makes feel the whole software is a joke by displaying such a childish comment, while Bugzilla is a great software
- people complain about it frequently, look at the duplicates we have every 1-2 years

Can it please be reconsidered? It's been reported for 13 years now, the joke's long enough.
Assignee: myk → ui
1) This can be already be customized on a per-install basis in by overriding a value in global/variables.none.tmpl
2) For BMO (and for the 6.0 release of bugzilla), this the message is pretty clear.
It was fixed in bug 1374266.

At least it's not as grating as Chrome's "Aw, snap!" message.

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