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Eliminate nsIContent::GetDocument


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We should replace this with either GetOwnerDoc or GetCurrentDoc (or both if some caller needs both!).

The basic split is:  if the caller is doing something that depends on the DOM, use GetOwnerDoc.  If it depends on the presentation, use GetCurrentDoc.  s/depends on/affects/ if desired

So e.g. nsIDocumentObserver notifications would use the current doc (or both if they're not the same?).

Events are a pain since they need both, in some cases

Security checks... probably the owner doc.  This needs thought in some cases.

Base URIs... owner doc.
I wonder if we should clarify the names a bit. And even adding something that returns what GetCurrentDoc returns now.
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> And even adding something that returns what GetCurrentDoc returns now.

Why? GetCurrentDoc isn't going to change, is it?
Ignore me ;-). Do we have concrete usecases for such a function though?
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GetUncomposedDoc() is the same as the old GetCurrentDoc(), and
GetComposedDoc() returns a valid value also in case the node is somewhere in
shadow dom which is attached to normal dom subtree which is in document.
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Additional patch to fix some OSX specific code paths.
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r=jst. We should file bugs on your XXX comments though.
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Filed Bug 1057470 for GetElementById, and other XXX have bugs.
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