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Inconsistent terminology: Send Link. vs Email Page Location


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From feedback mail:

The button is called "Send Link", but the menu item is called "Email Page Location".
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The context menu also calls it "Send This Link...", which is appropriate because you're clicking on a link.  

Email Page Location makes more sense for the menu item and the button name, since they're not links per se.

See also bug 295774 for inconsistencies in Clear/Empty Cache and Clear History/Visited Pages.
And "E-mail this link" would make more sense for the contextual menu item, for the sake of consistency.

So we want

Toolbar Sheet: Email Page Location
Toolbar*: Email Location
File Menu: Email Page Location (no change)
Context Menu: Email This Link…

(* the other long button titles, View Page Source and Manage Bookmarks, shorten when the button is displayed in the toolbar)

Sounds good to me.
Keywords: polish
Oh, do we want to be really pedantic (and proper) and hyphenate e-mail? The unhyphenated version makes me cringe, and I'm not alone:

Assigning to Smokey, too.

Assignee: mikepinkerton → alqahira
Safari and Mail use "Email".

I've got a question, though.  The toolbar stuff is defined here:

I *think* that means these are just localizable string changes, but the bit in the code looks different than all the other localizable string changes, i.e., this bit of code includes both the "string title" and the default string text, and most localizable string-related code just includes the former.  Are we going to have to change, too, or is it really just a localizable.strings change?

(The CM part is a nib change, and I've got that ready.)
(In reply to comment #5)
> Safari and Mail use "Email".

Safari and Mail are wrong.

(In reply to comment #6)
> (In reply to comment #5)
> > Safari and Mail use "Email".
> Safari and Mail are wrong.

Nah, "email" is a word now.
To answer my own question in comment 5, the wierd format of the localizable string references in shouldn't be a problem (I changed the strings file and tested), but we'll still need to patch if we want a short form and long form of the new label, because the current code uses the same localizable string for both labels.
Chris, could you build with this to verify that it works?  Since I'm not touching "real" code it should be just like a real strings change, but better safe than sorry.
Localizable.strings updated for *this bug only*; it doesn't have any of the changes for the interdependent clear/empty/remove warnings bugs.  

If this bug lands first, we can use this strings file; if not, I already have these changes made to the file that contains the in-progress changes for those bugs.
Updated BrowserWindow.nib that contains the context menu change
Comment on attachment 202783 [details]
Localizable.strings updated for this bug ONLY

This is obsolete now; there are newer strings in bug 316675 (but they don't have these changes).

When I know the patch works :-) I'll upload new strings--and hopefully bug 316675 will have already landed so we won't have so many strings files floating around....
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This is blocking beta 2, per discussions.
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Fixed, branch and trunk.
Closed: 19 years ago
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