easy way to cancel specific instance (occurence) of recurring event



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The Recurrence tab of the Edit Event dialog box lets you specify exceptions to the regular schedule of occurrences.  But when I recur an event, I usually don't know in advance when it's not going to happen.  Instead, I find out later, when I'm not in the Edit Event dialog box.

For example, I have a weekly chiropractic appointment that I defined in my calendar months ago.  Today my chiropractor told me she's going to be out of town next week.  I want to cancel next week's appointment.

At the moment, the only way to do this is to open the Edit Event dialog box, select the Recurrence tab, and enter next week's date into the the exceptions list.  It would be much easier if I could merely right-click the next week's entry in my calendar and select "Cancel this Occurrence" from the context menu.

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13 years ago
Note that the new-views support this too well.  You can only delete single instances of recurring events.  (That's something I plan to work on as soon as they land in Sunbird.)  However, it is as simple as selecting the event and pressing the 'delete' key.  For the more general case, see bug 194556.

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Summary: easy way to cancel specific instance of recurring event → easy way to cancel specific instance (occurence) of recurring event

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    If you press delete on a specific instance now, you should be given the option to cancel just that occurrence.  Is that sufficient for what you were asking? The same option appears when you choose 'Delete this Event' from the context menu.

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see previous comment. WFM.
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