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Need an error message when writing to remote calendar fails


(Calendar :: Provider: ICS/WebDAV, defect)

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I've had some fun getting my calendars working on my hosting, seems I have to have the location set *just so.*  When I was creating my calendars, writing to the folder worked with www in the address, but it seems in a new session it doesn't. I could SEE the calendars with www in the address and I would create a new event, but when I reloaded the calendar and the event would disappear.  I didn't get any notification that writing to the calendar failed.

I'd give a list of steps to reproduce, but it's a hard one to test, basically you have to get into a specific situation where you can read a calendar but not write to it even though you have permission (it will ask for the username and password, just not write).  I can set up a test calendar on my hosting if you guys need it.  Just say the word.
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This bug should be a much higher priority. This is the #1 complaint I get in the workplace when our server is temporarily down or we are having connection issues.

The event shows up like everything's OK, but then disappears later when they reopen thunderbird (and not to mention nobody else can see it). And then they have to re-create the event, from which the paperwork may have been lost by then.

A simple error message would solve this problem, and a lot of headaches from everyone.
I agree, silently failing in any case is bad.  I have marked as severity MAJOR and changed this so that it is in the correct component.  It sounds like you are running ICS/WebDav calendars.  

Reporters: Please add the following information:
1. Set of steps to easily reproduce the bug
2. Type of calendar share you are using (caldav, webdav, ICS file) etc
3. BuildID from Sunbird (via Help window) or Lightning (via Tools->Add-Ons or Tools->Extensions) for the version you're working with.

Having this data will help us address it more quickly. Thanks.
Severity: normal → major
Component: General → Provider: ICS/Webdav
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Found a bug that is similar to this one: bug 341501

It has a much better description, except in the steps to reproduce. Change the "Publish Entire Calendar" steps to just publishing one event.

What we use in our office is Thunderbird with Lightning (The most recent stable versions, which are and 0.3.1 respectively) connecting to a local secure (SSL) WebDAV server with .ics calendars.
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I don't know if it is the same bug. I just did the following:

1. I had the wrong calendar selected: A public ICal file which by mistake was not set as read-only.
2. I created a new event by dragging in the calendar view.
3. I double-clicked and edited the details.
4. I saved.

Actual results:

a) The event disappeared.
b) The "New event" without details was still shown in the event list, but "cut" and "delete" were greyed out in the context menu.

Expected result:

An error message should be shown and the event edit window should not be closed.

I am using latest Lightning nightly with TB 3.1b2.
P.S.: IMO, this bug should be marked as dataloss.
Whiteboard: [error handling]
Whiteboard: [error handling]
(In reply to Jens Müller (:tessarakt) from comment #6)
> P.S.: IMO, this bug should be marked as dataloss.

Severity: major → critical
Keywords: dataloss
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