Dragging tab between windows copies the tab instead of moving it, Ctrl+ is ignored




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A feature I was after for a long time (since switching from Galeon, which had it for a long time) was introduced in Firefox 1.5 RC3: dragging a tab to move its position.

However, there are two apparent problems that I immediately noticed from a simple installation on Windows XP (haven't investigated much):

1. While dragging a tab to another position in the same window correctly moves it to that position, dragging a tab to another window copies it instead of moving it there.

2. Dragging a tab should respect standard conventions (at least on Windows) of Drag & Drop:  Control+drag should copy instead of move.  More confusing is, that when Control+dragging a tab, I do see the "+" on the cursor that implies I'm copying, but it is still not copied but moved.  Of course, problem 1. still applies, so when dragging to another window, it is copied anyway.

Also, while it is arguable, I find it counter-intuitive that dragging a tab outside of any window creates a shortcut for the URL on the desktop, instead of opening a new window with that tab in it (detaching the tab to another window).

And I believe dragging a tab to another window should work anywhere within the window and not only in the tab-bar.  (The other window may not even have a tab-bar right now if it has not got multiple tabs open)

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open two firefox windows.  One with two tabs (URLs A and B) and the other with two tabs (URLs C and D)
2. Drag the tab with URL A from the first window to between the tabs with URLs C and D in the second window.

Actual Results:  
The first window will not change - it will still have two tabs, with URLs A and B.
The second window will have a new tab with URL A between the tab with URL C and the tab with URL D.

Expected Results:  
The tab with URL A will be moved from the first window to the second window.

I suggest the implementation of tab dragging and detaching in Galeon should be checked.  There it was very convenient - you could detach, move, and copy tabs using drag and drop, and everything worked as expected.  Also there was a menu option to detach the current tab from the current window into a new window, which was useful (but you could do it just as well by dragging the current tab to somewhere outside of any Galeon window).
See bug 298571 regarding Ctrl-drag copying.

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