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Get javascript timeout on gmail when composing and uploading attachments


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I get a warning titled "Warning: Unresponsive Script" and saying "A script on this page may be busy or may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete." and buttone "Stop Script" and "Contniue" when I compose mail in gmail or when I send a message with a large attachment.

I get this both on Linux (debian Sarge but with a binary downloaded directly from and Windows 98. Both with 1.5rc3.

I did NOT get such errors when connecting via my workplace LAN but did get them when connected through my home ADSL line, so I suspect it's related to connection speed.

I didn't find any preferance flag which handles this, and had to give up on sending the large file via gmail because of this.

Another problem with this pop-up is that once it starts, its seems to keep popping-up, without reseting the timer for the next pop-up, so you end up pressing "continue" in order to immidietly press it again for the next pop-up.
Also "continue" seem to either react very slowly or to not close the pop-up until the next one comes up.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.login to gmail via an ADSL line with 1500 down/512 up
2.start composing a message, pick a LARGE file (gmail can accept up to 10Mg, I think)
3.send the message
4. After a while you'll get the message.

I also received the message while composing (I think it relates to the automatic draft saving) and I think I received it more on the old Pentium with Windows 98 than on Linux.

Actual Results:  
After a while the warning described in "Details" comes up and practically forces me to abort the message sending.

Expected Results:  
No pop-up. Gmail works great for me over a year and these problems only startted when I switched to Firefox 1.5rc3 (before that I used the 1.0 series).

It looks to me like a security precaution gone awry. Maybe should relax the timeout period and certainly should allow to disable the check.
A possible option might be to "disable this check for this domain".

I mark this as "major" since it could render firefox unuseable with Gmail and possibly any other site which LEGITIMATLY uses long-running javascript scriptlets.
Confirming, I am seeing this on both trunk and 1.5-branch builds. Windows 2000 and XP.

Tentatively moving this to Core: DOM based on where other bugs related to this dialog live. Please don't bite my head off if that's the wrong component, I don't have the ability to debug this further.
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This looks like a dupe of bug 230909. It's not really our fault that a site is using a long-running script. FWIW, in trunk you should be able to check the "don't ask me again" checkbox to get this to stop showing each time.
Indeed it appears to be a dup of the bug you mention.

It's not Firefox' fault that Gmail uses a long-running script, but it's Firefox' decision to pop-up the annoying question and prevent the user from doing what he wants to do.

From my point of view - Gmail is doing something legitimate and Firefox needlessly stops it from going on serving the user.

I mark this bug as a dup, hope it's the right thing to do.

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Does either of you know for certain that Gmail, and not Firefox, is misbehaving? I'm aware that the option to disable that dialog exists. If there is no conclusive evidence that Gmail is the one at fault I don't think this should be closed out.
Hi Jon,

I do NOT think that Gmail is at fault, I think it's firefox that needs to be fixed, but this mis-behaviour seems to be already addressed by bug #230909.
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