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firefox 1.0.x installs not being offered update


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User-Agent:       Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.8) Gecko/20051207 Firefox/1.5
Build Identifier: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.8) Gecko/20051207 Firefox/1.5

Mi windows 1.0.7 install is not being notified about 1.5. Looking at I see that there's no info about 1.5, IOW: 1.0.x installs still have not been updated

I suppose this is intended, but I've not found anything in the release notes or open bugs which can explain this. Am I missing something, when will be the 1.0.x users will be notified?

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Check for software updates
There is usually a delay of a few days before update info is published, but we are beyond that period now.
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1.0 isn't 'smart' enough to update itself to 1.5. I'm afraid you'll have to do it manually. Hopefully 1.5 will be able to take itself to 2.0.
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Why isn't 1.0.x smart enough? It could still download the full 1.5 installer, right?
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It should at least be told that 1.5 exists. As it stands now, hasn't been updated, and parse errors even.

I also don't understand why 1.0.x wouldn't be able to tell users there's a new update, just like it tells users there's a security update, which is why i reported this bug x_x or not smart, this was not announced in the release notes. And in my humble opinion it's something important that people needed to know before the 1.5 release. Now I know I need to give all my friends instructions to upgrade to the new versión, which is something I (and many people) never though I'd need to do (100 million of installs)

Anyway. Why can't 1.0.x tell users "hey there's a new versión". As a "workaround", couldn't a future 1.0.x (8, 9, 10 ...] bugfix release have some hack which tell users that there's a new versión out there? (like, say, a fucsia arrow which appears in the GUI randomly ? :P)
Moving this over to the component that handles publishing software updates, and upping the ante for that those people living under rocks.
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Summary: firefox 1.0.x installs not being updated → firefox 1.0.x installs not being offered update
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Ah, sorry folks, I guess I was thinking  this bug was about getting an XPI to patch 1.0.x into 1.5 which isn't possible... Gavin's right, though, we could have it just download the installer.

I wonder, though... is 1.5 really an "update"? It's more like a separate product. After all, lots of extensions and themes break, APIs are different, etc. Maybe the reason this isn't happening already is because some users might not realize that they're about to break everything by following the updater.
Oh, and we need Chase here.
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Any news on this?
IMHO it's really important that non-technical users are alerted to new versions/security fixes.

Especially as i've seen sites render differently in 1.5 to 1.0.7.

- Firefox start page will be updated to persuade 1.0 people to upgrade
   to 1.5
- Bouncer is tracking how many people take that route
- Will turn up the volume on that encouragement as time progresses
- 1.0 auto-update process doesn't have an ideal user experience, and is hard to roll out
- Quite a few people are on 1.0.4 or below, so are ignoring notifications anyway
- So we aren't taking that path at the moment 

I think this is the wrong path IMO..."1.0 auto-update process doesn't have an ideal user experience" -> how having to install 1.5 manually does it better? Also, "quite a few people are on 1.0.4 or below, so are ignoring notifications anyway" doesn't mean that 1.0.7 users that _do_ look at notifications should be forgotten...

I could understand that maybe people prefers to wait a bit to "force" the release to 1.5: "Serious" bugs may be found in 1.5.0, lots of extensions don't work etc, and maybe is a good thing to wait until or even more...

But eventually, forcing people to update will be a _good_ thing. And by "eventually" I mean: "The day mozilla foundation stops supporting 1.0.x security fixes". Until then I can understand that there's no a "strong" need of getting 1.5 in the update process and that changing the start page is a Good Thing but that day it will be neccesary...
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1.0.x won't auto update past 1.0.8. Get icon notification of update availability, but upon clicking am informed that it couldn't find an update, as though it was up to date.
1.0.x is so end-of-life there is no longer any trace left in the coffin.
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