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show dropIndicator for D&D on to tabbar


(Firefox :: Tabbed Browser, enhancement)

Not set





(Reporter: Peter6, Unassigned)



If we drag a bookmark/url onto the tabbar the dropIndicator is not displayed.
This is inconsistent with the behaviour of reordering tabs.

(for this functionality see e.g. the tabsidebar extension )
It must do, as currently you can't drag it (which is what bug 320638 is about).
I don't see why this depends on bug 320638. You can currently drag a url and drop it onto any tab. The point I think is to get an indication of where that url will end up. Following the original example, the way Tab Sidebar does it is to display the standard tab drop arrow over the top of the tab. Bug 320630 is about being able to drop URL's in between tabs to create a whole new tab.
No longer depends on: 320638
Yeah, it doesn't depend on bug 320638, but it makes sense for both to be implemented at the same time.

I've just added a patch over on that bug which allows both dnd between tabs and activates the drop indicator for URI dnd. If you guys could please test it out, that'd be great!
Blocks: cuts-cruft
This WFM. Anyone still seeing this?
The indicator does appear now, so WFM. It seems to be a buggy implementation (dragging URLs over the tab bar can sometimes leave the indicator pointing to the wrong place), but it still appears. I'll close this one, as any improvements should be handled by other bugs.
Closed: 11 years ago
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No longer blocks: cuts-cruft
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