Bookmarks sidebar doesn't open in New Window when selected in original, and unable to full list of bookmark folders when clicking expand in bookmarks manager




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I can open a firefox window and select the bookmark sidebar, but when I select the firefox shortcut to open up a new window - the sidebar has disappeared. It will appear most of the time when I use the CTRL + N shortcut but not when I first start firefox during a session. Also when managing my bookmarks, I cannot always add a bookmark to my desired folders because the bookmark manager will not expand to show all the folders. Also even if I go to Add Bookmark and press OK it will not add the bookmark and instead I have to select a folder from the short list that is provided. This all happened after I had had all my firefox bookmarks wiped from the system.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1st Problem....
1.Select Mozilla Firefox icon
2.Go to view -> sidebar -> bookmarks
3.Select Mozilla Firefox icon again

For the 2nd problem...
1.Select Bookmarks -> Bookmark This Page
2.Select the arrow to show drop downlist

Actual Results:  
1st Problem...."No sidebar in new window"

2nd Problem.... Nothing is dropped down and the "New Folder" button becomes active but when selected nothing happens.

Expected Results:  
1st Problem.... the new window should have contained the bookmark sidebar

2nd Problem.... A drop down list should have appeared and when clicking the new folder icon a new folder should have been created.

In addition to the above problem, I cannot add features to the toolbar. For instance I will add a New Window icon etc. but when I create a new window the additional components have disappeared and all that is left is the default toolbar components.
I have installed the google toolbar for firefox.
I see your first problem (no sidebar in a new window when opened from a shortcut) but a see a sidebar when I open a new window using the New Window icon in my toolbar.
I don't see your other problems; first try deleting localstore.rdf in your profile. Or go to firefox's safemode and choose to reset your toolbars. That's an option offered to you when you enter the safemode.

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13 years ago
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I tried both methods but still when I start firefox the sidebar does not appear unless I select it from the View -> sidebar menu.
OK then try a profile clean-up: in your profile delete everything except for the following files (if present): bookmarks.html, prefs.js, user.js, cookies.txt,
history.dat, hostperm.1, signons.txt, key3.db and the folder chrome. 
Then start Firefox again.
Tried that, if you still have problems, try deleting your install directory and install Firefox once again.

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13 years ago
Tried both your suggestions but the problem still occurs. However the toolbar now does accept new components when I customise it... so far anyway.

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13 years ago
Ok it works now. Thanks for your help
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