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Cannot set the text of a script element with javascript. Worked before I upgraded to 1.5


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I am using javascript to dynamically add a script element to the head of a page.  In Firefox prior to 1.5 it was working, after 1.5 it does not work.

This is my javascript
// add clocks
clock = document.createElement('script');
//clock.language = 'javascript';
clock.type = 'text/javascript';
// = 'clockHolder'+equipmentID;
var cDate = new Date();
var aEndTime = endTime.split(':');
if(aEndTime[0] == 0) aEndTime[0] = '24';
sOut = 'var cd'+equipmentID+' = new countdown(\'cd'+equipmentID+'\');';
clock.text = sOut;
document.getElementsByTagName( 'head' )[0].appendChild(clock);
eval('cd'+equipmentID).Div = 'clock'+equipmentID;
eval('cd'+equipmentID).TargetDate = cDate;
eval('cd'+equipmentID).DisplayFormat = '%%H%%:%%M%%:%%S%%';

I think it is a problem with the line clock.text = sOut;.  This line worked before and still works in IE.  I can see the script element just looks like there is nothing inside.  The first eval line gives me an error that the cd# is undefined.

Error: [JavaScript Error: "cd39 is not defined" {file: "http://localhost/ironglobe/include/BidBlock.js" line: 98}]
Source File: http://localhost/ironglobe/include/BidBlock.js
Line: 98


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The problem is in the AddBidBlock function between lines 79-101.  The clock.text = sOut; does not add the string to the script element.  An error pops up when the script gets to line 98.  Says that variable cd? is not defined.
Assignee: general → nobody
QA Contact: ian → general

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