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Drag'n'drop of events via right mouse button confuses the views


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Currently the new Day / Week views allow Drag'n'Drop of events via right mouse button too. This gives confusing results if you use an operation of the context menu afterwards.

Example 1:
After dragging an event to a new position via right mouse button the context menu for that event pops up. Select "Edit Event" and open the Edit dialog. 
Error: You will notice that the dialog still displays the old date/time of the event. Press "Ok" and you will see two event boxes in the view: one at the old position and one at the new position.

Example 2:
Try to resize with the right mouse button. 
Error: You will move the event instead of resizing.

If you play around you will find several other problems based on this principle.

I think the views drag'n'drop feature should only work via left mouse button.
Attached patch patch, v1 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Content of patch:
- drag'n'drop of events or event borders only react on left mouse button
- inline editing only react on left mouse button (it was very confusing when you right clicked a selected event and edit mode started and context menu poped up) - double click to create a new event only react on left mouse button
- ensure that we select the event on right mouse button by adding a new handler
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patch, v1

-      <handler event="dblclick"><![CDATA[
+      <handler event="click" button="2"><![CDATA[
+        // only select item if right mouse button pressed
+        this.calendarView.selectedItem = this.mOccurrence;
+      ]]></handler>

I have a third button on my mouse.  I'm concerned that only addressing left and right clicks will create problems for more complex input-pointers.  Perhaps just adding an if (event.button != 0) return; clause would work better?
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Attached patch patch, v2 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
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Attached patch patch, v3Splinter Review
Little changes after some chitchat on IRC.
Assignee: mostafah → ssitter
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patch, v3

Very nice. r=jminta

Any idea if there are other areas of our code where these sort of mouse-button issues haven't been addressed? I remember I fixed something like this in the minimonth not too long ago.
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patch checked in
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