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Opens only items from one group when the "group-by"-bar is included in selection


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Thunderbird 45.0


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When you navigate in a directory in TB with a sort by date and group-by-sort sorting (grouping) you mark two or more unread emails from two groups back-to-back. Only the one in the last group you marked would be opened.

Sort by date and group by sort gives you a view with groups "today", "yesterday" a.s.o. Mark two (or more) emails from two groups in series (over the gray-bar with group-title (for example: "yesterday") away) or not back-to-back but you have to mark the gray "group-by"-bar (use strg-button). Than only emails from the "younger" group-by-part are opened.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Mark two (or more) emails, two from different group-by-sortings (maybe yesterday and today).
2. Hold the strg button to mark the grey "group by" bar.
3. Than press enter.

Actual Results:  
Only the emails from the "younger" (newer) group are opened. When you marked from the groups "yesterday" and "today" only those from "today" are opened.

Expected Results:  
TB have to opened all(!) marked emails. Not only those from a newer group.
Maybe it would be fix this problem if you can´t mark the grey group-by-bar

I use TB 1.5 under WinXP with SP 2.
Sort by date and group-by-sort.
I try this in a extra folder (not inbox or sent) where I move my emails with a filter-rule.

I use no special theme. I use enigmail (but the mails I opened are not encrypted), quote collapse/colors, minimize to tray.

My mails are sorting descending
View this attachment to see how to mark the emails back-to-back. The gray (here blue because it´s marked) bar from the group-by-sort view is marked.
On the grey bar you can read "Letzte Woche" (en: last weak).
Mark your emails in a sort by date and group-by-sort view like in the picture. It´s anymay if you mark the grey (here blue because it´s marked) group-by bar with hold strg-button or back-to-back like in the first attachment ( 2006-01-14 02:37 PST ).
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Second marking with the group-by bar to reproduce the bug

"Letzte Woche" = last week.

"Gestern" = yesterday
Reproduced with TB 1.5, TB 1.6a1-0105.
Severity: normal → minor
Ever confirmed: true
Summary: Open only emails in one group-by-sort-part when the grey "group-by"-bar are marked → Opens only items from one group when the "group-by"-bar is included in selection
Version: unspecified → Trunk
QA Contact: front-end
Assignee: mscott → nobody
Bug 544489 mostly fixes this, except for the case of multiselection that includes a collapsed group header row.  In this case, the thread must be expanded for the cloned view to find the selected messages (applies only when the mail.operate_on_msgs_in_collapsed_threads pref is true).
Depends on: 544489
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Assignee: nobody → alta88
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Looks good, r=mkmelin
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Target Milestone: Thunderbird 43.0 → Thunderbird 45.0
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