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news.mozilla.org now hosts user support newsgroups. The mozilla.org support page needs to be updated to point people to the new newsgroups.

The mailing lists will eventually need to be added, and the bi-directional gateway explained; but for now, lets just fix what's wrong with the current page.

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12 years ago
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preface and newsgroup list updated

I've used the previous preface about the Netscape secure server, as a template, and added the same blurb about Giganews that is on the developer forums page <http://www.mozilla.org/community/developer-forums.html>.
I've also added the Camino newsgroup, to coincide with the web-forum list.
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preface and newsgroup list updated

We need to update these links and this change makes sense.

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12 years ago
FWIW, I don't have a CVS account.
(In reply to comment #3)
> FWIW, I don't have a CVS account.

Yeah, I'm about to commit it. I'm having some issues with my SSH key. ;)
FYI, Giganews has asked us to use a separate link on each word of Giganews Newsgroups.  Not quite sure what they gain by it (doesn't seem to be pagerank ;) but it doesn't hurt anything.  See the top of the developer forums page for an example (linked from comment 1).
Checking in mozilla-org/html/support/index.html;
/cvsroot/mozilla-org/html/support/index.html,v  <--  index.html
new revision: 1.55; previous revision: 1.54

I included the change from comment #5 along with some changes in whitespacing and case.

Will verify after it reaches www-stage.
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12 years ago
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preface and newsgroup list updated

>Index: mozilla-org/html/support/index.html
>RCS file: /cvsroot/mozilla-org/html/support/index.html,v
>retrieving revision 1.54
>diff -u -r1.54 index.html
>--- mozilla-org/html/support/index.html	9 Oct 2005 08:09:59 -0000	1.54
>+++ mozilla-org/html/support/index.html	16 Jan 2006 04:00:44 -0000
>@@ -83,18 +83,15 @@
> <div class="section">
>   <h3 id="newsgroups">Newsgroups</h3>
>-  <p>Netscape hosts some user self-support newsgroups on a secure
>-     server. (Linux users: Personal Security Manager (PSM) is
>-     required to access secure newsgroups. If you cannot access these
>-     newsgroups, reinstall Mozilla with PSM.) Please read the
>-     <a href="http://mozillachampions.ufaq.org/guidelines.html">newsgroup
>-     support posting guidelines</a> before posting.
>+  <p>Mozilla hosts public newsgroups for user support discussion on the news.mozilla.org server.
>+ Please read the <a href="http://www.mozilla.org/community/etiquette.html">Mozilla forum etiquette page</a> before posting.
>   </p>
>+<p>Mozilla newsgroups are provided and hosted by <a href="http://www.giganews.com/">Giganews</a> <a href="http://www.giganews.com/">Newsgroups</a>.</p>
>   <ul>
>-    <li><strong>General issues</strong>: <a href="snews://secnews.netscape.com/netscape.mozilla.user.general">netscape.mozilla.user.general</a></li>
>-    <li><strong>Windows</strong>: <a href="snews://secnews.netscape.com/netscape.mozilla.user.win32">netscape.mozilla.user.win32</a></li>
>-    <li><strong>Macintosh</strong>: <a href="snews://secnews.netscape.com/netscape.mozilla.user.mac">netscape.mozilla.user.mac</a></li>
>-    <li><strong>Unix and Linux</strong>: <a href="snews://secnews.netscape.com/netscape.mozilla.user.unix">netscape.mozilla.user.unix</a></li>
>+    <li><strong>Firefox Support</strong>: <a href="news://news.mozilla.org/mozilla.support.firefox">mozilla.support.firefox</a></li>
>+    <li><strong>Thunderbird Support</strong>: <a href="news://news.mozilla.org/mozilla.support.thunderbird">mozilla.support.thunderbird</a></li>
>+    <li><strong>Mozilla 1.x Suite Support</strong>: <a href="news://news.mozilla.org/mozilla.support.mozilla-suite">mozilla.support.mozilla-suite</a></li>
>+    <li><strong>Camino Support</strong>: <a href="news://news.mozilla.org/mozilla.support.camino">mozilla.support.camino</a></li>
>   </ul>
>   <p>Some Usenet newsgroups that may be useful:</p>
>   <ul>

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12 years ago
Sorry about comment 7. I haven't edited patches before.
v. on stage.

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12 years ago
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