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13 years ago
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13 years ago
Somehow I realized today that the whatsnew page is doing very awkward things.

There are several bugs about this, the first one being me suprised about it. Tim
didn't know either, which caused us to cycle about this issue in QA for half a

The second one is that en-US redirects to central, while all other locales
redirect to ab-CD.start.mozilla.com. Is there a rationale for that, given
that we require central to be present in an official locale?

The third is that I can't add new locales to the list of known ones, and of 
course didn't know that I should.
At least "lt" is missing.
--> Websites :: www.mozilla.com
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QA Contact: www-mozilla-org → www-mozilla-com
Version: other → unspecified
We should be able to control this server-side.  Most of the locales weren't ready with 1.5 with the localized central so they were pointed to the start page (not the best solution).

Over to dbaron to point people to the localized central pages?
We'll need the url list of localized central.

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13 years ago
We should rather do 
en-US vs mozilla-japan vs mozilla.org.cn vs mozilla-europe vs mozilla-world
branding categories.

Iff we deem this important enough and if we deem that central is the thing
we really want to show. For 1.5.

Bug 314119 doesn't sound like we're sure here.
So, the second part of this bug report got fixed by the fix to bug 324499. The first part will be handled by 314119. Feel free to reopen, Axel, if you think the overlap of these two bugs doesn't handle this one.
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