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more emoticon graphics


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I wish chatzilla had the following emoticons:





Could you provide some sample emoticons (presumably from other clients), or describe more accurately what emotions these smileys are supposed to reflect? Especially the last 3 are unclear to me :-)
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> Could you provide some sample emoticons (presumably from other clients)

No, I only use xchat, mIRC and chatzilla, and the first two don't have emoticon graphics. I just thought either cz has graphics for numerous emoticons or not at all...

> Especially the last 3 are unclear to me :-)
^_^    manga-style smile with eyes closed
-_-    Semi-frown with eyes squinting (again, east-Asia-inspired)
X-|    Being very upset in a South-Park-Cartman or constipated sort of way

8-|    Like 8-) except without a smile - an indifferent cool-sunglasses face
T_T    Tears streaming down your cheeks

these are all rather popular where I chat. Well, at least 3 of them are, anyway. And nobody ever uses them for anything other than emoticons, so it wouldn't mess up real text (unlike :) ). I'll try to find some suitable inspiration emoticons for these and attach them.
QA Contact: samuel → chatzilla
I have seen that Instantbird has a couple of these emoticons.
2 new smiley is done in svg format: ^_^ and -_-
Depends on: 1342944
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