Open Bug 325396 Opened 16 years ago Updated 12 years ago

LDAP addrbook and autocomplete should support SASL auth mechanisms


(MailNews Core :: LDAP Integration, defect)

Not set


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(Reporter: dmosedale, Unassigned)



This will require some hacking in the LDAP XPCOM SDK as well as in the addrbook and autocomplete code.
Assignee: nobody → dautermann
Also see bug 228704 (libldap and the LDAP tools should support SASL/Digest)
If the framework in bug 308118 gets committed, then all that would be required to support additional SASL mechanisms would be implementing them as nsIAuthModules, and adding the UI hooks. This should be trivial.
Product: Core → MailNews Core
Assignee: dautermann → nobody
Not sure whether this got de-assigned intentionally or not.  Michael, were you still interested in working on this?
UPenn isn't sponsoring me to do any additional Mozilla modifications at this point, but if they do call me back, this is the first thing I'd be thrilled to work on. Anyone else available to work on this?
Not that I'm aware of offhand, but if someone is interested in signing up, that'd be great.
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