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Day-break offset hour: divide days at preferred time, not necessarily midnight (shift work)


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Spin off bug 298349 comment 17:

Provide preference to allow the views to break at a time other than midnight, so they can be used by shift workers.  Currently the view can only show midnight to midnight, so it is impossible to show a 'day' that overlaps midnight.  

With a, say, preference, if an evening shift worker has a schedule from say, 6pm to 2am, they can see the shift's events in one view by setting the day-break to some time 3am or later (+3 hours).  Similarly, a night shift worker that has a schedule from say, 10pm to 6am, might set the day-break at 9pm (-3 hours).  

This may also be popular for night owls whose scheduled life regularly lasts past midnight (maybe because the oppressive heat or noise of the day makes it more effective to work at night).

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Schedule event at midnight-1am.

Actual Results:  
Event always appears on date that starts at midnight.
Impossible to view the event with the previous events of the evening in any grid view.

Expected Results:  
Preference to offset hour of break between days.
If preference is set to say +6 so day break is 6 hours after midnight,
then events between midnight and 6am are shown with the (previous) evening's events.  

It should also be possible to set it negative, so someone may have a night shift that starts the previous evening.  

Using signed offset rather than absolute hour may avoid ambiguity
(if someone picks noon as the break hour, is it + or - 12 hours?).

I can't think of a reason to allow more than +/- 23 hours offset, though there may be reasons for more than 12 hours (someone wakes up at 4pm and works all night).  I can't think of a reason for a non-integer offset, and that would make the display of the hour grid more difficult in multiday-view.
I think calendar.view.daystarthour could probably be used for this.

If an event starts before midnight and ends before calendar.view.daystarthour, only show it on the previous day.
Component: Sunbird Only → Calendar Views
QA Contact: sunbird → views
Severity: normal → S3
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