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Not all posts are on Google


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This is probably an issue between Giganews and Google. Not all posts on are making it to Google. So far, it seems random.
For instance:
The "2006-01-30 - Summary of staff meeting" post by Gerv in did not make it to google, but "2006-01-16 - Summary of staff meeting", which was posted just two minutes earlier did make it. And a response to the post that did not make it, /was/ archived on Google.
I've forwarded this to both Giganews and Google.
Assignee: server-ops → justdave
response from Giganews:
Looking through the group on our servers, I found the corresponding message ID for both articles in question:

"2006-01-30 - Summary of staff meeting"

"2006-01-16 - Summary of staff meeting"

I checked against Google's server that we feed to, it returns it has already seen those two message IDs, which means we've already passed them on to them.

200 InterNetNews server INN 2.4.2 (20041025 prerelease)
435 Duplicate
435 Duplicate
205 .

When I go to Google Groups and browse, I only see two articles: from Nitin at Feb 4, 1:05 am, and Philip at Feb 3, 12:58 pm.

When I use the 'Advanced Search' on Google Groups to do a message ID lookup, it can not find either message:

The requested message, <>, could not be found.
The requested message, <>, could not be found.

This tells me that we've correctly passed on the articles to Google, and for whatever reason Google is not finding/displaying them.
Anyone have any recent examples of this?  Google thinks the existing examples are too old to prove anything is amiss...
I did some tests in mozilla.test on Monday.
Message:<> did not show on Google.

I'll see if I can catch anything more recent, as well as do another series of tests.
Some post in is missing:
Date: Mon, 06 Feb 2006 08:11:36 +0800
Message-ID: <>

and possibly in some postings are also missing (but maybe they still show up in Google Groups since they are quite new):
Message-ID: <>
Message-ID: <>
In <> was posted 4 hours ago. It's not on Google.
Thanks, I've sent these along.
Response from Google:

I looked at it today, but have not found the reason yet.

A couple of our edge servers _sometimes_ were not propagating
articles further after getting them from Giganews, so the
articles were not indexed. I have not seen anything like
that before, and I confirmed it happens only for some
mozilla.* articles (all other hierarchies are ok). Maybe INN
is "getting confused" because of the special mozilla.*

I restarted the servers and have not found any missing article
since from 9:51am PST today.
I guess restarting the servers hasn't completely fixed it.
Message id: <> in is missing.
Feb 12 10:37:31.028 - <> 437 Article posted in the future -- "Mon, 13 Feb 2006 11:42:21 -0700"
I've been trying pretty hard to find misses, and haven't. Looks fixed to me.
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