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keypress in messages display pane should start new message


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(Reporter: eyalroz, Assigned: rginda)


When the messages display pane (rather than the new message textbox) is in focus, pressing a key should move the focus to the new message textbox and start a new message with that key. Right now you have to click or tab back to the textbox to start a message.
You can press the ESC key to put the focus back on the input box.
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> You can press the ESC key to put the focus back on the input box.

Well, I didn't know that, but still, what purpose does typing text in the messages display pane serve?
Find in page used to work at least.  The biggest issue is probably how to catch and redirect keypresses like that.  And using ESC is simple enough that no one has bothered to do anything else about it.
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> Find in page used to work at least.

If there had been 'find as you type', that's something else (although I still think switching to the new message textbox would be more useful, or at least there could be a pref for this). But currently there is no 'find as you type' for the message display pane, AFAIK.

Sorry, "find as you type" was what I meant.  And it does mostly work for me.
So, this is WONTFIX, right? If fayt is broken, that's a separate bug that would probably depend on another bug to get us back to using type="content" browsers again, evading all the xpcnativewrappers suck.
We're not using FAYT, and if it ever triggers it needs to be beaten until it no longer triggers. I'm sure there's another bug asking for the same thing as this bug, too, but I'm not interested in adding it currently.
Wouldn't this completely confuse accessibility-related stuff? Or would those just catch all the keypresses?

CC-ing Aaron who would actually know about this :-)
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