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I tried to xpl_link components\*.xpt into one single file and got this message:

ERROR: found duplicate definitions of interface nsIDownloadManager with iids
1f280341-30f4-4009-bb0d-a78f2936d1fb and 9cdfcea3-fbe4-4ba1-a0fd-fe273097ddfa

That is correct, there are both downloadmanager.xpt and downloads.xpt in that dir, it seems that Thunderbird still builds and installs the old XPFE downloadmanager code. My solution is to only use downloads.xpt and remove downloadmanager.xpt completely from the components dir, I don't have a buildconfig patch yet.

I am not sure if that is a fault in the build process only on OS/2, or only in the 1.8 branch, or if it's Xplatform. Andy, did you not also notice this problem some time ago?
Yes, I saw those quite awhile ago, I thought there was a bug open on it cross platform (or maybe I just saw it on IRC...).  At the time I did some asking about the xpt files and was told that combining them would make little difference (other than to me being cleaner being in a single file).  The only time they would make a difference in runtime is when a new component was being registered (then a single file would be somewhat faster).  

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13 years ago
This probably won't get fixed and it is a very minor issue anyway, so I close it.
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