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German in-tree calendar L10n is incomplete


(Mozilla Localizations :: de / German, defect)

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The undo and redo properties are missing from the de-AT menuOverlay.dtd.
Attached patch patch against trunk (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Although I noticed that when building the calendar extension from the 1.8.0 branch, this patch was done against trunk but it should work in the branches, too.
Hups, now that I uploaded the patch I notice that there are many more entities missing from the de-AT locale, most calendar pref panel pages cannot be displayed in German.
KaiRo, are you the one to review this and check this in?

I was also wondering why all the timezones are in prefs.dtd but none of them is translated...
Assignee: kairo → mozilla
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These should be all missing strings

I have all missing entieties in my local tree, but we are not allowed to check in anything to calednar localizations at the monet, so I guess the whole bug in INVALID unfortunately :(

(I have tried numerous times in recent weeks to persuede folks that I can update calendar L10n in the trees, but all attempts were denied...)
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Ah, but then why didn't you open a bug with an easy to find summary and attach your patch, then I would not have wasted half an hour at a time when I should have been in bed sleeping. Or was I just too tired/stupid to find that bug? ;-)
Assignee: mozilla → kairo
I usually don't file a bug for simple L10n updates...
In this case, it might have been a good idea nonetheless, so one could search for why it's not up-to-date yet, but I assumed noone is really using the in-tree L10n anyways. My "nightly" language packs on contain complete localizations of calendar in the mean time, as long as I can't check them in.
This basically depends on bugs 281935 and 267981 - once those, esp. 267981, have been solved, calendar L10n checkins will be allowed again.
Depends on: 267981
Ever confirmed: true
Summary: Strings in Calendar menuOverlay.dtd are missing → German in-tree calendar L10n is incomplete
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I forgot to mention here that the 1.8 branch has a current up-to-date calendar L10n in the tree again now, but the calendar people told me to leave trunk alone for now until they have finished bug 267981 (and land it on /1l0n tree then).
*** Bug 329594 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Blocks: 330047
Posted solely for KaiRo to diff his local changes against
No longer depends on: 267981
A complete set of German (de) calendar files is in /l10n now, Thorsten and me will work together on some fine-tuning to it, but everything should build and work.
Closed: 14 years ago
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