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13 years ago
When editing text with Midas, you cannot turn off active styles immediately following a line break.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Visit the midas demo page at http://www.mozilla.org/editor/midasdemo/ .
2. Click "B" to turn on boldface mode.
3. Click in the text area and type a word.  Note that the word properly
   appears bold.
4. Press Return or Enter to move to a new line.
5. Click "B" to turn OFF boldface mode.
6. Type a word.

Actual results: The word on the second line appears bold, even though you turned off boldface by clicking "B" a second time.

Expected results: The word on the second line should not have had the bold style applied.

Note that if you don't press Return or Enter, you can turn off boldfacing properly.  Also, note that if you enter some text after pressing Return or Enter, and subsequently click the "B", additional text will correctly not be boldfaced.  This bug seems to only occur when you try to turn a style off immediately following a linebreak.

The HTML generated when following the steps above is:

<span style="font-weight: bold;">word1<br><span style="font-weight: bold;">word2</span><br></span>

Something (IsTextPropertySetByContent?) is not detecting that font-weight:bold is already set immediately following a linebreak.  The expected HTML resembles:

<span style="font-weight: bold;">word1<br></span>word2<br>
This might be related to bug 192308 (see bug 192308 comment 12, which explains the difficulty of an inline container closing immediately after a line break).
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Assignee: mozeditor → nobody
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