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"Funny" behavior when Extension-Manager haven't enough system-rights to manage all files - Gecko needs an better system-error handling


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Hey all.

I was tied up some days with experimenting on the differential files in my Mums Thunderbird-Profil to fix up some "funny" behaviors like extensions not shown in the extension-manager and working anyway, unablebility of installing any extension, or uninstall them (allways getting an "will be uninstalled after reboot").
OK, I know - sometimes the easiest solution comes at last ... my f... SUSE-Server was kidding me with changing some rights of some files and some folders without any reason ... as I told ... what a damn ...

Anyway ... I think my error-hunting would be easier when the Gecko had done what I was awaiting from him ... give me any (windows-style-senseless)-error-message about that sometink was going wrong with my system-rights.

IMHO Gecko needs a better system-error-message-handling to tell the user some more than nothing.

Thx in advance.
That's known issue even in windows environment. sound like dupe for me
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QA Contact: ian → file-handling
Nikolay, can you close this if appropriate?  But it still exists post an explanation?
Currently it will silently fail to install if you don't have permission to write into extension folder. But won't allow you to uninstall it (menu greyout) in same case. So it somewhat improved since then.
OS: Windows XP → All
Hardware: x86 → All
Product: Core → Firefox
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