Add ability to require a target milestone when a bug is RESOLVED/FIXED




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Much like the musthavemilestoneonaccept, it would be nice to be able to enforce a target milestone when a bug is RESOLVED/FIXED (musthavemilestoneonresolve or musthavemilestoneonfix).  Some work flows don't need the milestone set when accepted, but it would be nice to have the historical record of which milestone the bug was fixed in.

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Attaching a prototype patch for reference should this enhancement request be accepted.

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you have to request review to get your patch in our radar.
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>--- /usr/local/bugzilla/	2006-03-06 13:10:38.000000000 -0800 no longer exists so this doesn't apply to trunk anymore. It's content needs to be split to Bugzilla/Config/ and template/en/default/admin/params/bugchange.html.tmpl template.

>+    desc => 'If you are using Target Milestone, do you want to require that ' .
>+            'the milestone be set in order for a user to RESOLVE/FIX a bug?',

Change end to "RESOLVE ${terms.abug} FIXED."

>--- /usr/local/bugzilla/process_bug.cgi	2006-03-06 15:29:14.000000000 -0800
>+     if ($requiremilestonetoresolve) {
>+     }

Please don't duplicate code here, rather move it inside the previous block changing code as necessary.

>  my $requiremilestone = 0;
>+ my $requiremilestonetoresolve = 0;

When combining the block, this global variable could also be combined. One could use values 0=no need to require, 1=require when accepting and 2=require when resolving. These values could then be used to throw correct error in the block.

>--- /usr/local/bugzilla/template/en/default/global/user-error.html.tmpl	2006-03-06 12:52:54.000000000
>+   [% ELSIF error == "milestone_required_on_resolve" %]

Maybe even combine this error with the milestone_required error? Depends on how similar wording it will use in the end..

>+     [% title = "Milestone Required" %]
>+     You must record a target milestone for [% terms.bug %] 

s/record/determine/ and maybe drop target.

>+     if you are going to resolve it. This provides a historical

s/it/it fixed/

>+     reference for where [% terms.abug %] was resolved/fixed.

Hmm, probably "reference for which milestone [% terms.abug %] was fixed."
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Valid enhancement request because no duplicate.
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*** Bug 336620 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

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Note that this doesn't cover bug 329558 which wants it per product, not per installation.

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5 years ago
With the extension code written in 2009 (see revision 6854, bug 430014) this feature is more suited to be written as an extension for the specific need. Instructions on writing extension is available at:

The extension you want is the bug_start_of_update hook.
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