Default web browser not set correctly in launch services when multiple browser builds present



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13 years ago
This is a Mac OS X bug. Apparently in something called "launch services". I've reported it to Apple before (several times over a period of years, from OS X 10.2 onwards), and they've neither responded nor fixed it. I was hoping if I reported it to Tech Evangelism, maybe someone with contacts inside Apple (David Hyatt still talk to you guys? ;) ) might be able to bring some attention to it. Anyway, the bug is...

If you have multiple builds of the same browser that have the same "bundle id", and try to set one as the default, then OS X is just as likely to set a different one the default instead. Even if they have different names.

For example, have copies of Firefox and Deer Park, or two different nightly builds of Deer Park on your computer. Using the pref inside Safari, set one as the default. Close Safari, then reopen it. Check the default browser in the prefs. There's a good chance that it's *not* the one you selected earlier.

This means that any of our Mac testers who keep more than one build have to suffer with their default browser setting never working correctly. For years now, I've had to ensure that my browser is launched before I click on an external link, or it ends up loading some old copy instead. I have over 400 old builds now, so it can get pretty ugly!) And I can never properly test launching of external links while the browser is closed.

This is definitely an OS bug. I can reproduce it with Safari if I duplicate the browser. But it affects the testing of Mac Moz products and I think it's worthy of notice.

Would any of you guys be able to get Apple to notice it? :)

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