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Bug 308973 changed the Firefox version on the 1.8 branch to 2.0a1, and bug 330528 is going to change the trunk version to 3.0a1.

I think we should change install.rdf on trunk to support 3.0a1, and lower it for releases if AMO requires it. Firefox pre-1.5 will treat the "0a1" part as 0. It also might be worth adding SeaMonkey so that apps like AMO know we support it.

Any thoughts?

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13 years ago
> Any thoughts?
Yeah, actually. I didn't think AMO parsed the install.rdf files? :\
SeaMonkey doesn't use install.rdf anyway, so I'm afraid I don't quite see your point about that - if AMO does look there then it's just wrong. Right?

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13 years ago
AMO parses the install.rdf files to extract application compatibility info (apps and versions) so it knows where it should appear on the site. AMO does NOT enforce any version limiting, even though it has been said it does/should, so using 3.0 (or whatever) would work.

Does using 3.0 work for FF 3.0a1? I know the current value of 1.6 works for FF 1.6a1. I can't remember if AMO chocked on 1.6a1 being used in install.rdf, but it's possible.

WRT SeaMonkey, AMO does not list extensions for SeaMonkey, and so it is remarkably pointless currently.

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13 years ago
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install.rdf changes

AMO now accepts 3.0 as a Firefox version. It currently doesn't list SeaMonkey extensions due to a bug, but I don't think that should stop us adding the data.
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13 years ago
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install.rdf changes

Don't like having that data in two places, but meh.
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13 years ago
Checked in --> FIXED.
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