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Survey: important uninstallation reason missing


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Uninstall survey is listing likely reasons why someone would uninstall firefox.
However, one likely (imho) reason is missing: "Firefox used to work fine but then it broke and I can't fix it."

In fact I believe this reason is widely underestimated by mozilla, considering that profile stability/robustness bugs have never appeared to be a priority (and instead, instructions how to make a new profile are repeated over and over again at support channels).

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
Enter exit survery
Actual Results:  
"Profile broke" reason not listed.

Expected Results:  
"Profile broke" reason is a good reason to uninstall FF for most users, so should be listed.
Darin you're the author of exit survey (bug 320504) so it's your decision if I'm right or not.
Brian: What do you think?
I suspect that the bug report is correct.  It probably would help to provide this option to users.  In the meantime people can just enter information into the "other" field.
I don't know how common this issue is. Would generalizing "Some features didn't work" to "Some features didn't work or stoppped working" be satisfactory?
Extrapolating out from the fairly limited time I'm in #firefox, I'd guess ~10-20 people a day show up in there saying "Foo in my Firefox stopped working, so I uninstalled and reinstalled, but it's still broken" (dropping a client keeping a log in there for a few days and then grepping it would give you a better number than that, of course). Then you have to wildly guess at what fraction of the total number of people who do that wind up on IRC talking about it later: half a percent? Would having 200-400 people a day incorrectly lumped into "it didn't work" (and into whatever else they might choose if they don't see "It broke, and I'm trying to fix it with an uninstall/reinstall") skew the results significantly?
Ever confirmed: true
With Windows UAC and low integrity we no longer offer an uninstall survey.
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