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"smime3.dll not found" error dialog w/ XULRunner embedded in Eclipse


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With XULRunner embedded in Eclipse as part of the AJAX Toolkit Framework, when submitting a form for the first time in a session, I get an error that the smime3.dll component cannot be found.  It does not prevent the form from going through (unless it's over a secure channel), but it is inconvenient for users to have to dismiss this dialog everytime they start a new browser session.

This is only an issue on the 1.8 branches, not on the trunk.  It has to do with the libs listed in dependentlibs.list.  The trunk version includes the smime3.dll and related libs, and they are loaded when calling XPCOMGlueStartup().

Bsmedberg suggested that the fix would be to make dependentlibs.list on the branch match the one on the trunk.  However, those changes were added as part of bug 306615 (fold PSM into libxul);  is it all right to only take the dependentlibs.list part of that patch?
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This patch only affects the created dependentlibs.list, to add the NSS libs.  It doesn't take anything else from the patch at bug 306615.
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This is low-risk (and xulrunner-only) and needed to make SSL work correctly in embedding contexts like Eclipse ATF.
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Checked in to 1.8 branch.  ->FIXED
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Only affects embedded xulrunner.  a=timr for drivers
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