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(Reporter: TheReligion2000, Assigned: jay)


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Firefox crashed (not reproduceable) and the bug report window popped up. I filled the description with a comment and the history of last visited sites. This list came from history.dat. I copied the relevant section from it. This piece (well quite a bit of bytes) was truncated in the description box. So far OK. I then tried to send it but I only received the message that the site with collector.dll couldn't be contacted and that I should check my connection settings. Well, this mail is written some 15 minutes after and, as you can see, I can connect quite well to ordinary sites. (BTW my local IP is which might not be supported in a way)
I attached a file with the contents I wanted to send. This file was created by using the context menu and choosing "Copy". The first part of the comment I wrote was again truncated, so that you cannot see the human-readable part of the comment I  wrote. Only the history part was taken over (all above the "lower than" sign was taken away, the history part is complete, before this there was one blank line). Are there different length limitations, one for the text box, one for the amount of data that can be sent?

Good luck and thx in advance for feedback on this incident :)


Reproducible: Didn't try

my comment
(this is a blank line as mentionend above)
history data



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$(CYGWIN_WRAPPER) cl 	12.00.8804 	-TC -nologo -W3 -nologo -Gy -Fd$(PDBFILE)
$(CYGWIN_WRAPPER) cl 	12.00.8804 	-TP -nologo -W3 -nologo -Gy -Fd$(PDBFILE)

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--disable-ldap --disable-mailnews --enable-extensions=cookie,xml-rpc,xmlextras,pref,transformiix,universalchardet,webservices,inspector,gnomevfs,negotiateauth --enable-crypto --disable-composer --enable-single-profile --disable-profilesharing --enable-optimize --disable-debug --disable-tests --enable-static --disable-shared --enable-official-branding

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12 years ago
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history data after copy paste


12 years ago
Assignee: rginda → jay
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Version: unspecified → 1.7 Branch

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12 years ago
The Talkback server has been having some issues and submissions were not getting through for a while.  Things are looking better, so please try submitting another crash and post your Incident ID here so we can verify that it went through.   To find the Incident ID, run talkback.exe in <app install dir>/extensions/talkback@mozilla.org/components/.  The Talkback client window should show you the IDs you have submitted.

Marking WFM, if you continue to see problems, please let us know here and we can reopen if necessary.
Last Resolved: 12 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME


9 years ago
Component: Talkback Client → Talkback Client
Product: Core → Core Graveyard
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