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Editing operations should be based on default grapheme clusters


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Editing operations, such as character movement, selection, backspace, and delete, should be based on grapheme clusters rather than unicode characters.  (This is slightly questionable for backspace, a little less questionable for delete, pretty clear for character movement and selection.  In my opinion, at least.)

See attachment 213727 [details] on bug 329069 for an example document with text that can be pasted into a plaintext or HTML editor -- note that the document contains both composed and decomposed characters, and IMO these should behave the same in the editor.  If needed, I could give a long list of possible steps to reproduce for various editing operations, but I don't think it's worth going into detail at this point.

I think part of the reason it would be good to do this is that:
 * variation between composed and decomposed unicode normalizations shouldn't be exposed to the user
 * variation between characters that have the composed forms in unicode and those that require decomposed forms shouldn't be exposed to the user
but I also think the current behavior (character-by-character editing operations) is quite odd.
Duplicate of bug 283415 / bug 283416 (or vice versa)?
See also

Yeah, probably is at least mostly duplicate, although I haven't read those bugs in detail.
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