Themes synch between toolkit and xpfe: disabled trees



13 years ago
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13 years ago
For bug 98595, I fixed the last remnants of <xul:tree disabled="true"/>.  However, xpfe and toolkit style disabled trees differently.

This is a bug for synching up that much, at least.  Feel free to reinvent this as a more generalized bug for theme synchronization on XUL trees.

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12 years ago
What "xpfe" do you mean by that? themes/classic/global/ is essentially dead, you don't need to fix that an more. Modern is still alive, and anything besides global/ in themes/classic as well, but not sure what the part you're referring to is living (I'd expect classic/global though).
Actually I'm not aware of any particular styling for disabled trees.

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12 years ago
Note to self:  I need to submit a testcase and retest this; the bug is over a year old.
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11 years ago
Component: XP Apps: GUI Features → UI Design

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9 years ago
This bug is open but targeted for seamonkey2.0a1, which has been released a long time ago. Please set the target milestone to an appropriate value, "---" if it has no specific target.

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9 years ago
This is about a difference between xpfe and toolkit, is it still relevant or can we just resolve it in some way now that xpfe is completely dead?
Target Milestone: seamonkey2.0a1 → ---
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