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Make old urls redirect to v2 urls.


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We ought to make old urls redirect to new ones. It doesn't have to be perfect, but yeah. Anyone with extensions that point at pages, links on their sites and bookmarks will appreciate it. currently points at/is the same as but if there's anything else in the url, it messes it. 


Etc. etc. etc.

Basically, I don't think it's particularly important to make them all link to their new locations, although it could be kinda nifty, but it's easier to just make anything with application=firefox and &id=123 (note the &, otherwise it will pick up vid aswell) in the url point at

Anything with application=mozilla in the url can point at and likewise for thunderbird.

Additionally, we ought to make author profiles work in the same way. should point at
I'm currently not quite sure about the author profile links and what we should replace foo with, but ah well, you get the idea.
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I don't think anybody cares about comment links and the such. But links like or even are very common and currently they don't work. Check out Firefox Facts ebook ( for example, lots of unusable links there. I think that's a top priority.
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Adjusting rewrite rules in htaccess.dist. Changes:

1. Made the redirects from /extensions/ and /themes/ 301 Moved Permanently - this is very important for search engines and simply good style.
2. Made several typical old-style links redirect to the current /firefox/123/ - the user should see the correct link.
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Proposed patch

Looks good, except the hard-coded rewritebase for the new rewrites.  Stripping those out and checking this in.
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Committed -- will push up to sysadmins for insertion into .conf.
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I'm not quite sure about resolving this bug just yet. Eg - old rss urls, old author profile urls - do we think these are important?

Additionally, despite my specifically noting the similarity between id and vid, you bugled it up anyway trev :D See bug 338609 ;)
Well, whoever was subscribed to RSS, probably noticed that the links stopped working a while ago. And I don't think there are external links to these. Author profile links might be worth fixing on the other hand.
If we need access to web server logs to see what URLs are actually being hit, we should get them.  Guessing about what pages are in use is a bad plan, and leads to pain.

It might be OK to break some pages, but we should do it very explicitly, and if there's somewhere else we can point them at that's equivalent then we should do that.
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