netflix sets itself to Allow in Exceptions without permission from Allow sites to set Cookies repeatedly even after deletion of Permission in Exceptions




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i have been unable to determine when netflix sets itself to Allow in Exceptions without permission even though i have DISABLED all cookies from setting. it even lists itself in the Exceptions as Allow even though i have deleted this permission repeatedly. the only place that i can think that would even be a suspect would be the scrapbook extension but this extension is only designed to save a copy of a web page which i had done with netflix terms of use this cookie permission is also set repeatedly even after i have been to netflix website only once. i hope this is as explicit as possible. the only other possible cause that i can think of is when i scrapbook copy one of my yahoo mails that contains a link to netflix. well if that is possible these guys are good. it is quite obvious that whenever i use firefox that netflix is tracking my surfing habits without my consent. i have never had any trouble with this before. by the way the only exceptions that i have consented (allow) to place cookies is yahoo mail.
i have currently decided to delete the Allow permission and added netflix as Block permission in the Exceptions area. i also use the latest version from portable firefox on my laptop which allows me to keep all of the firefox components in one trackable location. and much easier to backup. when i upgrade i just cut and paste the profile folder into the latest version which i just did a few days ago.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.may need to copy netflix page into scrapbook firefox
3.happens every time
Actual Results:  
same as before

Expected Results:  
the software should not allow exceptions be set by any website without my permission
Is this still happening?

Have you done any anti-spyware scans? (there are several reputable free programs out there. Read reviews, there are also several free scams!).

There is no mechanism for a website to add itself to the "Allow Cookies" list. An extension could do this as could any other program running on your computer. Do you have any netflix extensions or software installed?

The Netflix Terms of Use do say "In order to provide you with ease of access to your account, Netflix will place a cookie (a small text file) on any computer from which you access the Netflix Web site". It's possible they consider it acceptable to make sure they can set that cookie despite user settings to the contrary, but that would require you to install some software from them that does it.

The most prominent scrapbook extension I could find ( does not come from Netflix and would seem extremely unlikely to mess with your cookie settings. Though of course I can't guarantee that without looking at the code.
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Never got the needed info.
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