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Spell checking options should be at the bottom of the context menu


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Since (de)activating the inline spell checker isn't the most often used feature of the context menu and since most text controls (at least under Windows) start with "Undo, Cut, Copy, Paste", I suggest moving the spell checker entries down - below "Select All". Spelling suggestions probably can stay at the top though.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Type some text and select it
2. Right-click and click on the fourth menu item (muscle memory for copying)

Expected result:
The selected text is copied to the clipboard.

Actual result:
The typed text disappeared (since the fourth item is now Undo).
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Not a blocker. Here's a mockup of how it should look .. 

   | few                   |
   | foot                  |
   | fool                  |
   | food                  |
   | too                   |
   | Ignore                |  <-- this will need another bug, I think :)
   | Add to dictionary     |
   | Undo                  |
   | Cut                   |
   | Copy                  |
   | Paste                 |
   | Delete                |
   | Select All            |
   |xSpell check this field|
   | Languages            >|
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I'm still a little on the fence on this, design-wise. Most apps with spellchecking only show the options when something is mis-spelled, but that's because spellchecking is either "on" or "off" pretty much globally. We have the "Spellcheck this field" option which seems like a less common user task than "Cut, Copy, Undo, Paste" yet should probably be co-located with the rest of the spelling UI.

Need to ruminate for a while. Brett, your thoughts would be appreciated here.
I think on/off and dictionary selection should be at the bottom. I used to think they should be all together (that's why it's this way now). But I think the context menu if you don't click on a misspelled word is not very good, and some people use it a lot.

I think "Ignore" is overkill, and the menu is already getting too big, but we can have that discussion later.

I wonder if we can get rid of the divider between the suggestions and "Add to dictionary"/"Ignore". The suggestions are bold, which might provide sufficient differentiation. Then the first section is "thing you can do with this misspelling", while the bottom section is "control spellcheck for this field."

I won't get around to it for a while, but it's easy to do at any point in the future. If any newcomer to help, it should be easy. The menu XUL and the code that turns on and off the spellchecking options need to be modified. Contact me for more info.
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- Agreed, ignore is for another bug ;)

- I'd also played with the "Add to dictionary" in the same section as the spelling terms, would be fine with that, I think.
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This patch removes the divider between the search suggestions and "Add to dictionary" and otherwise makes the menus look as suggested by Mike.

Brett: Is it intentional that "Add to dictionary" and "Spell check this field" aren't properly capitalized (opposed to e.g. "Select All")?
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Looks good. Sorry it took so long.
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