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browser.formfill.enable = false, disables search suggest


(Firefox :: Search, defect)

2.0 Branch
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Firefox 2 beta1


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1. go to about:config and set browser.formfill.enable to false
2. type anything in the searchbar (use Yahoo or Google)

suggest is disabled
same problem on 1.8.1 branch of course
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"set browser.formfill.enable to false" is same as
tools>Options>Privacy "Saved Forms"
uncheck "Save information..."
As I said in, suggestion wasn't working here (with browser.formfill.enable = true). I changed <SuggestionURL>;qu=</SuggestionURL>
to <SuggestionURL><![CDATA[]]></SuggestionURL>
into google.xml (and made similar changes into yahoo.xml) and now it works.
I think it is fundamentally wrong that a user is forced to store his formfill data if he wishes to use suggest.
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This seems to be the relevant code that's causing this:

This is because the search suggestions are implemented using the same autocomplete interface that the form history uses.
Blocks: 335435
+ for now until we decide what we're doing here.
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Comment on attachment 225086 [details] [diff] [review]
Disables search history (but preserves suggestions) when form history is disabled

So I was a little bit confused as to why this fixes this bug, but I realized that it works because both nsFormHistory::AddEntry (called to save text in form history after it is entered) and nsFormHistory::AutoCompleteSearch (called to get autocomplete entries from form history when building the popup) already check formfill.enabled and behave accordingly. This means that you can also remove the attribute check at:

r=me with that.
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Landed on branch & trunk.
Closed: 17 years ago
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verified fixed on trunk
FYI, as a resource:
GSuggest extension
Flags: blocking1.9a1?
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