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Set up centralized/redundant DNS masters for Mozilla DNS services



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This project has been in the works for a while already, but we don't seem to have a bug for it yet, so I'm making one.

We'll be switching to use DynDNS for our distributed DNS servers, and we need redundant masters at both Meer and OSL that we can point them at.  Since Axolotl and Mecha (our current DNS servers) are both slotted for decomissioning, it's a good time to move DNS services elsewhere while we're at it.  We'll put it on mradm01 and osadm01.

I have most of the configuration done on osadm01, I'll be setting that up as the primary master, and rsync that to mradm01 as a backup regularly.

Axolotl will initially be switched over to act as a slave but still allow transfers so the existing secondary DNS servers can continue to pull from axolotl for the time being.  Once we are reasonably sure it's all working we will switch all of the root-level DNS to point at DynDNS, and then decommission axolotl shortly thereafter.
Priority: -- → P1 was changed to point at mradm01 instead of axolotl a couple days ago.

axolotl is still acting as internal DNS at meer.  That function will cease with the colo move this weekend.
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OK, this is done as of the colo move. :)  yay!
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