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13 years ago
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Currently the history list is also searched for bookmark completion. This is the main reason why I haven't set it to a longer period in order not to slow down the search. But sometimes it would be nice to have the ability to search the history list for the last 200 or more days.

Therefore I suggest to add a separate history list with a different threshold which can be searched from the bookmark/history window. It should include additional "folder" for "a week ago", "a month ago" and so on.

An alternative would be to add a separate setting for the history list named "days of history, which are included in bookmark completion" or something like that.

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13 years ago
Having a third level of history (session, regular, 'extended') comes with all sorts of strings attached: the history prefpane would double in size, which history do we use for the go menu?, you'd need to let the user set the extended history too, and what if they set it to be shorter than the 'regular' history?  It  would cause all sorts of problems, so I say WONTFIX.  If having a large history slows down autocomplete (which I don't believe it does.  Hicks reported in the forums recently that he keeps something ridiculous like 1000 days with no performance hit) that would be its own issue.

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13 years ago
Sorry, for suggesting that the history might be slow. I haven't tried, yet. If anyone can come up with a testcase which adds 100s of entries to the list it might be worth trying of the speed is affected.

If speed is not an issue I suggest to at least add improvements for the history view like adding folders dynamically (currently the history is limited to the last 6 days and "older than that", which in my case for only 50 days already contains 7000 entries). I just reported a related issue concerning search within history and bookmarks: #338558
Having another level of history is going to confuse people, too.  I say WONTFIX this bug and file a new one for increasing the number of folders available (Simon might have had a good reason for that small selection, though).

Comment 4

13 years ago
Agree with the WONTFIX.

I keep 60 days of history around, and I have about 6000 items in my history right now. Autocomplete is NEVER slow.

I think the desire for this will be amply satisfied by fixing existing bugs (like autocomplete for bookmarks, etc.).

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Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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