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MochiKit 1.2 testsuite broke between May 19 and May 29




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12 years ago
12 years ago


(Reporter: vlad, Unassigned)


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Somewhere between May 19 and May 29, the MochiKit 1.2 test suite broke -- I see a bunch of "uncaught exception: StopIteration()" in the log.  MochiKit 1.3, the latest, works fine.  The URL to the 1.2 test suite is a above; another test url is http://people.mozilla.com/~vladimir/new-graph/test.html (which just loads the MochiKit 1.2 file).
Hmm, the URL in the URL field may not be a good test -- that is the testsuite, and it does fail; however, even after upgrading to 1.3, the other test (new-graph/test.html) continues to fail.

Both of these pass in the bonecho a3 (except for the DateTime tz bit).

Comment 2

12 years ago
The failing tests in minefield are:


Exception ``StopIteration()'' thrown from function anonymous(namespace=Object:{87}) in <http://people.mozilla.com/~vladimir/misc/MochiKit-1.2/lib/MochiKit/Base.js> line 1114.

nameFunctions: function (namespace) {
 -  1108         var base = namespace.NAME;
 -  1109         if (typeof(base) == 'undefined') {
 -  1110             base = '';
    1111         } else {
 -  1112             base = base + '.';
    1113         }
 -  1114         for (var name in namespace) {
 -  1115             var o = namespace[name];
 -  1116             if (typeof(o) == 'function' && typeof(o.NAME) == 'undefined') {
 -  1117                 try {
 -  1118                     o.NAME = base + name;
 -  1119                 } catch (e) {
    1120                     // pass
    1121                 }
    1122             }
    1123         }
    1124     },
Is this still broken?
Yes, very much so; the 1.3.1 test suite is also now broken -- at http://scrapper:9010/js/MochiKit-1.3.1/tests/index.html (assuming scrapper's http server is up).  It gets exceptions saying:

Error: uncaught exception: unknown (can't convert to string).

Works fine in Bon Echo.
I looked into this today. Sadly, I didn't get to the bottom of it, but I did find that the patch in bug 339041 fixes it. This suggests that there is an incompatibility with using JSCLASS_GLOBAL_FLAGS that we might want to fix at some point. I'll check the patch from bug 339041 in to fix this bug, though.
Vlad, can you test again?
There's absolutely an incompatibility in using JSCLASS_IS_ANONYMOUS without JSCLASS_GLOBAL_FLAGS.  See bug 326466 comment 79 first original paragraph.

Link bug dependencies appropriately.

MochiKit uses StopIteration for its own purposes. JSCLASS_IS_GLOBAL fixes the JS engine's problem with this, so I'm pre-emptively marking this bug as fixed. Vlad can verify it.
Last Resolved: 12 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Yep, seems fixed in the latest nightlies.  We may want to contact Bob and let him know -- are there any problems that can arise from it using StopIteration?
Ah, Bob has a bugmail address; Cc'ing him here.

Comment 12

12 years ago
The trunk of MochiKit (1.4) will re-use the StopIteration object if it already exists

Comment 13

12 years ago
Can we get MochiKit testsuites integrated into our automated testing process?


12 years ago
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