Breadcrumbs extension does not link all the pages tree as expected



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13 years ago
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When you use Breadcrumbs extension is expected to link all the previous page tree, but you only get a link to the main page.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Create a new page (ej.Wiki)
2.Create a subpage for the previous one (ej.Wiki:Help)
3.Add the Breadcrumbs extension in both pages
4.Save your changes

Actual Results:  
In Wiki page you get a link to the main page (Main > Wiki) but in the second one the Breadcrumbs extension does not work, you get (Main >Wiki:Help) instead of (Main > Wiki > Help)

Expected Results:  
You should get (Main > Wiki > Help) with links to each page instead of (Main > Wiki:Help).
taking bug, will investigate when Bug 311823 is complete.
Assignee: nobody → bugspam.Callek
Depends on: 311823
How does this depend on the advanced syntax bug?

For the specific "Wiki:Help" case, I suspect it's because "Wiki" is a namespace in mediawiki, which means that it gets special treatment in the database.
Sorry, it's not a namespace, it's taken as an interwiki link.

Deb: do you think we need all the default interwiki entries here?  Seems like some of them ("Wiki" and "RFC", at least) are more likely to cause confusion than to be used for links to their respective sites.  We tend to prefer templates to interwiki stuff anyway, in most cases, too.
Oh, but of course the example in the comment uses "Wiki:", while the actual problem as linked from URL uses "MDC:", meaning that the example doesn't actually describe the same bug.  Ahem!

MDC: is a namespace issue, almost certainly.  Using Wiki: will likely slam up against interwiki issues at some point, though perhaps not in the breadcrumbs path.
Regarding the "Wiki" thing -- could someone post/send me the full interwiki links list?  I suspect we can get rid of the vast majority of non-MDC related links.  Might as well clean that up as well.
I filed bug 339668 on the interwiki-cleanup issue.
I set it as depends because what I am doing in Bug 311823 will change (slightly) the way Breadcrumbs finds its parent.  I suspect that it might fix this, but am not sure yet.

If you intend to fix this sooner, or think my depend marking is wrong, feel free to remove the dependancy.

Comment 8

13 years ago
After that bug is fixed, one can use <breadcrumbs>[[MDC]]</breadcrumbs> to get correct breadcrumbs on [[MDC:Help]]. Do we really need anything else, given that we don't use namespaces that much?
(Nickolay: it's not clear from bug 311823 _what_ the new syntax or behaviour will be, though I still hope that someone will say so there, and soon.)

This doesn't require that advanced syntax to fix, necessarily, and there doesn't seem to be any activity in the advanced syntax bug to indicate that this would indeed be fixed by it, so I'm removing the dep.
No longer depends on: 311823
Assignee: bugspam.Callek → nobody
WFM with the switch to deki, since we don't have the breadcrumbs extension anymore.
Last Resolved: 10 years ago
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Component: Deki Infrastructure → Other
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