Need start/end dates for add-on featuring


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12 years ago
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Looks like AMO1 had the ability to automatically feature and remove extensions based on month.  I'd like to be able to do that with start-end ranges, with some email notification as things go in and out of the queue and active list.

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12 years ago
What's wrong with just "feature this add-on" and then it's featured forever, or until someone un-features it? That would be more appropriate I think, unless you want to cycle the featured list pretty regularly. In which case, why not just automatically feature them for 6 months or something and then take them down?
What's wrong is that it requires someone to manually do so, and it becomes an error-prone burden given that we do want to cycle the list more frequently (and on shorter cycles than 6 months, by a long shot).

Why are you arguing against this being fixed?  I don't get it.

Comment 3

12 years ago
Oh I'm not arguing against it being fixed my friend, just tossing up various implementations of a fix.
The bug says "implement automatic start and end dates", and you're saying "do it by hand".  That's not a fix for the bug, it's arguing that the bug doesn't need to be fixed.

We already _have_ "feature this add-on until it's unfeatured explicitly", and it's experience managing that system which has led me to request this improvement.
We want to do away with the rec list rather than polishing it, I think, so I retract my request: WONTFIX.
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2 years ago
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