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run TestGtkEmbed as part of unittests


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There are a bunch of tests already in that use TestGtkEmbed.  We need to get a tinderbox running one of them (not codesize) that fails if it can't start up.

Having a usable embedding app is often critical for layout debugging; otherwise it's impossible to find what you want amid all the XUL stuff happening.

Lately TestGtkEmbed only seems to work about half the time, and that's not good enough.  (Or maybe I'm just forgetting the right GRE incantation needed to start it, which needs to be documented somewhere, but I really think GRE_HOME=. worked last week.)  The tree needs to be closed if it can't start up.
Well, I found a way to work around my problems:
./firefox -chrome data:text/html,<iframe width=300 height=300 src=""'
No longer blocks: reflow-refactor
GTKMozEmbed will only work "properly" in libxul builds, with GRE_HOME set. In non-libxul builds of Firefox you'll need to use in addition. GtkMozEmbed is not even built in static Firefox builds.
I set GRE_HOME=. and used ./ and it crashed on startup.  Which is why I think we need a tinderbox.
Alice/Robcee - can this be handled by either the unit test framework or the new perf test framework? Please take this bug if so :)
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I think we could add it to the unit testing framework. I'll take a look.
TestGtkEmbed currently builds, right?
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1) I've updated the summary, base on as best as I understand the discussion here. Let me know if I missed anything. 

2) Are these tests in done as a self-contained set,(and should be a new suite) or are they scattered, and should be added to an existing suite?

3) Per comment#3 these proposed tests were failing on startup. I assume these tests do pass now? 

4) Quick scan of mozilla-central by ctalbert finds many references. Are elements of this already in place?

Moving to future until we figure out what is to be done here.
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Summary: need a tinderbox running one of the tests using TestGtkEmbed → run TestGtkEmbed as part of unittests
Is this still necessary?
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Moving closed Future bugs into Release Engineering in preparation for removing the Future component.
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