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13 years ago
when you mouse over an e-mail recipient, we currently show a tooltip for the person's e-mail address. It might be nice if we looked that card up in the address book and filled the tooltip in with information like phone number, company, etc.


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12 years ago
punting. I didn't get to this.
Target Milestone: Thunderbird2.0 → Thunderbird 3
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12 years ago
I agree - this could be a useful feature. Say you get an email from someone who is in your address book (which you know as Thunderbird will only display the contact name not the whole email address). You see their signature or some contact details in the body of the email and want to know if your address book details are up to date. Being able to see all the address book details in tooltips would save a lot of clicking - opening the address book, navigating to their card, and possibly checking the different tabs within the card.
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Version: 2.0 → Trunk
The context menu is only shown if we use the display name for an address. If full address are used within the header pane there isn't a tooltip. Would it be worth to also use tooltip for full addresses in such a case? Otherwise this feature will only be seen by people using display names. What's bad IMO.

Further it would be nice to also have it within the contacts sidebar.
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Target Milestone: Thunderbird 3 → ---
might be smart to look and be integrated - presenting the contact info within 3-pane.

Also useful to know an address is _not_ in your address book - maybe by showing the abname if it IS in ab address book?
UI issue, Bryan, thoughts?
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9 years ago
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