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Suiterunner Add-ons "Install Now" button should be removed


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Give a lack of "Extension/Theme Manager" component here, filing in general.

After Bug 342656 landed we now have the ability (and definately the desire) to follow suite with Firefox by hiding the button.

Should be a simple case of: 	

 // Hides the install button in the add-ons mgr
 pref("extensions.hideInstallButton", true);

In our prefs file.
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Is this enough?

Change of reviewer, since CTho isn't usually building suiterunner...
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Is this enough?

Although I'm concerned that it's not so easy to install a theme (extensions you can just open in the browser).
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> Although I'm concerned that it's not so easy to install a theme (extensions you
> can just open in the browser).

I agree with Neil: it's much more logical to show the install button, and refuse to install an xpi by Open file..., so that addons are logically enforced to be managed by the addon manager only.
Just my €.02...
Hmm, seems to have slipped through the cracks; Still wanted...

I haven't tested that this still applies, so if there is a conflict here I'll submit an updated patch.
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Checking in suite/browser/browser-prefs.js;
/cvsroot/mozilla/suite/browser/browser-prefs.js,v  <--  browser-prefs.js
new revision: 1.69; previous revision: 1.68
Closed: 17 years ago
Keywords: checkin-needed
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Summary: Suiterunner Add-ons "Install Now" button should be removed. → Suiterunner Add-ons "Install Now" button should be removed
Sorry, but I don't see _any_ justification why this button should be hidden?
This is just plain annoying, especially since it doesn't solve any problem or something...
because it is intended to be shown for apps without the built-in UI to *browse* to a site which contains the addon.  We Do.

I don't think its worth exposing the install now as 99.99% of users will not be *downloading* an xpi then trying to install it; rather they will be browsing the web, addons.m.o for example, and click to install; getting the regular UI.

The button was needed for Thunderbird to have a discoverable way to install addons, in SeaMonkey I don't feel the few who would use it/want it warrants having the pref flipped by default (or exposed in pref UI).
Having an Addon-Manager which can't install addons is just weird.
- It's inconsistent, non-obvious and counter-intuitive.
- It makes "download once, install offline/often" very hard and non-obvious. Many users (as seen in newsgroups and mails I got) maintain SM based installations for their family/friends and are downloading addons on memory sticks etc. to install them offline, on several mechines. Our capability of browsing the local file system in the browser is very obscure and unwieldy (in short: user-unfriendly).

Hiding the button doesn't solve any problems, it's just taking away a useful and logical way of installing extensions...

I think we should back out this change.
Depends on: 414014
Depends on: 342656
Component: XP Apps: GUI Features → UI Design
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